Friday, August 12, 2016

The Brain Invaders guide to Las Vegas

Earlier this evening I contributed to a podcast called Brain Invaders. The topic for the podcast, which will probably be broken up into two episodes (78 and 79) was Vegas. Specifically things to see and do if you're a fan of the BI podcast. That means comic books, comic conventions, sci-fi, museums and gaming (outside of gambling).

I will update this page with links to the episodes when they are available. Until then here's a resource list, taken from my show notes, for most of the destinations I discussed:

Pinball/video games:
Pinball Hall of Fame –
Flipperspiel Undergournd Arcade Club–
Hi Scores (2 suburban locations) –

Toy Shack (Neonopolis) –
Kappa Toys (Downtown Container Park) –
Rogue Toys (3 locations) –

Alternate Reality Comics –

Rocky Horror/B movies/sci-fi:
The Sci Fi Center –

Comic cons:
Great American Comic Convention (Dec. 3-4) – 

National Atomic Testing Museum –
Mob Museum –
Neon Museum Boneyard –
Nevada State Museum –
Natural History Museum –
Burlesque Hall of Fame –

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